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4/11/11 11:05 pm - It's Hard to Find When You Know It

Title: It's Hard to Find When You Know It (Part 1/2)
Rating: R (just to be safe)
Word Count: 5935
Warnings: Minor language, some very vague sexy times
Pairings or Characters: Eames/Arthur, implied Arthur/Ariadne, Cobb, cameo by an OC
Genre: Angst, Post-Movie, Romance
Kinks: None to speak of this time around.
Summary: Eames is full of regrets and memories. He traipses around the globe, pines and tries to let Arthur go. But not all is as it seems.
Author's Note: So this is my first foray into writing fanfic in a million, billion years; as well as my first foray into Eames/Arthur, so please be gentle (but honest)! :3 This is dedicated to the lovely cyandragon who beta'd this for me and also, inadvertently, once mentioned Eames/Arthur about a month after the film came out. I never take my ships lightly and I am now obsessed. I'd like to point out that title is a line from Re: Stacks by Bon Iver. This is the product of five days of non-stop listening to Edith Piaf and my brain telling me that I must write. Part two should be ready in two weeks, as my beta is out of town. D:
Disclaimers: I am making no money off of this, all credit goes to the amazing Christopher Nolan. The title is borrowed from a Bon Iver song.

Eames hisses in frustration; his gaze flits back to Arthur and Ariadne just in time to fall into her line of vision. And then he’s ducking under the table, fractions of a second before she does a double take and drags Arthur over. Arthur, Arthur, Arthur – Eames’ mind is reeling with envy and his heart (he thinks it’s his heart) is clenching with an emotion he’d rather not fathom.Collapse )
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